How to Franchise the Chamber of Commerce or Leads Club Business Model

For the most part, the Chamber of Commerce in most cities operate the same way – most use the same Federal Tax exemptions for non-profit status and thus, have a board of directors and an executive, perhaps a couple of low paid employees and lots of volunteers. That’s certainly one way to run an organization, but it sure would make sense to run a for profit organization when it came to a Chamber of Commerce rather than a nonprofit group. I like to discuss this with you philosophically and explain what I mean, that is if you have a few moments.

You see, nonprofits are inherently bureaucratic, whereas many small business entrepreneurs are freewheeling fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants operators. Sure, larger chambers of commerce need some sort of structure and leadership, but if they are so busy arguing over what to do, nothing ever gets done. This doesn’t work well for their membership which desperately needs to stay in business, get more business, and to return a profit at the end of every month. What I find so often is chambers are so busy collecting revenue to support their bureaucracy, that they forget who their working for; the business community.

Let me start by saying that no one understands the business community better than an entrepreneur who is in business. Further, business people are better at getting things done because they have to, because if they don’t they go out of business. Yes, business people are quite busy, but they are pretty good at delegating, and have a good grasp on what other business people are going through. All too often chambers of commerce forget that, and they are focused on keeping their organization running and keeping the spigot flowing so they can get dollars into their organization.

Nevertheless, chambers of commerce should not become so involved in the other side of the community that they negate what the business community is all about. They should not solely expect their members, all those great businesses in their organization, to be there encapsulated and captured piggy bank for their own social causes. All too often that’s what happens. Having belonged to hundreds of chambers of commerce around the country as I franchised my business, I saw that happened all too often. It therefore might make sense if someone puts together a for-profit chamber or leads club business model and franchises it all over the country.

Indeed, I’d like you to consider all that and think on it, if you have any comments or questions you may shoot you e-mailed your earliest possible convenience. You see, as a franchisor it makes sense to me, and I see the need in the marketplace.