How to Franchise the Chamber of Commerce or Leads Club Business Model

For the most part, the Chamber of Commerce in most cities operate the same way – most use the same Federal Tax exemptions for non-profit status and thus, have a board of directors and an executive, perhaps a couple of low paid employees and lots of volunteers. That’s certainly one way to run an organization, but it sure would make sense to run a for profit organization when it came to a Chamber of Commerce rather than a nonprofit group. I like to discuss this with you philosophically and explain what I mean, that is if you have a few moments.

You see, nonprofits are inherently bureaucratic, whereas many small business entrepreneurs are freewheeling fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants operators. Sure, larger chambers of commerce need some sort of structure and leadership, but if they are so busy arguing over what to do, nothing ever gets done. This doesn’t work well for their membership which desperately needs to stay in business, get more business, and to return a profit at the end of every month. What I find so often is chambers are so busy collecting revenue to support their bureaucracy, that they forget who their working for; the business community.

Let me start by saying that no one understands the business community better than an entrepreneur who is in business. Further, business people are better at getting things done because they have to, because if they don’t they go out of business. Yes, business people are quite busy, but they are pretty good at delegating, and have a good grasp on what other business people are going through. All too often chambers of commerce forget that, and they are focused on keeping their organization running and keeping the spigot flowing so they can get dollars into their organization.

Nevertheless, chambers of commerce should not become so involved in the other side of the community that they negate what the business community is all about. They should not solely expect their members, all those great businesses in their organization, to be there encapsulated and captured piggy bank for their own social causes. All too often that’s what happens. Having belonged to hundreds of chambers of commerce around the country as I franchised my business, I saw that happened all too often. It therefore might make sense if someone puts together a for-profit chamber or leads club business model and franchises it all over the country.

Indeed, I’d like you to consider all that and think on it, if you have any comments or questions you may shoot you e-mailed your earliest possible convenience. You see, as a franchisor it makes sense to me, and I see the need in the marketplace.

How To Attract Top Talent To Your Business Startup

Finding and securing top job candidates for your business startup is more important now than ever. You are competing against a variety of companies for the same potential employees,and job seekers have the upper hand in who they choose to work with. Your business startup needs to make an impression on job candidates just as much as they need to make one with you. But, having a plan in place to attract top talent to your business can make the process of hiring new employees more beneficial to your company. Try these tips for making your business startup a place where new job seekers want to work and allow your company to take full advantage of their advanced skills.

Tell your company story

Everyone loves a good story and your company no doubt has one with some heart. The history of your business startup’s beginning can sway any job seeker to find interest in your company. Being honest and upfront about what got you to the point you are today can make a difference for a candidate that is looking for a company that cares about them as an employee and allows them to make a difference each day that they come to work. Be transparent.

Show where your business shines

Your business startup has many strengths that you need to tout them with job seekers. As much as you are interviewing them, they are interviewing you. They need to see what makes your company special and why it would be beneficial for them to join your team. Letting them see your strengths firsthand can go a long way in helping a job candidate choose your company for their employment.

Give benefits job seekers desire

Have a structure in place that provides benefits that employees want and can use can sway even the most indecisive of job seekers. Showing flexibility and providing benefits that are advantageous to your employees can make your business startup a highly desirable place to work. You’ll find that job candidates flock to your company if you offer benefits that they can’t refuse and want as a part of their employment.

Highlight some of the reasons to work for you

Every business startup has reasons why they are the best place to work. Let your employees do your promotional work and speak to new job candidates about what they love most about working at your company. Hearing firsthand from your staff gives your business creditability and entices job seekers to want to share in the same team environment you offer. This can make your company desirable to potential new hires and give your business the boost it needs to be selected by a job candidate.

Go where the job seekers are

When advertising your job positions to potential job seekers, you need to go where they are. Think about your ideal employee and consider the environment they surround themselves with. You need to post your job on sites that will attract top talent and give you the largest and best pool of job candidates to select from.

Take advantage of social media

Social media is an ideal platform to attract new and up and coming talent for your business startup. Many job seekers are looking on social media to find jobs with business startups that can show they are up-to-date with technology and offer a contemporary work environment that is open to new ideas. Social media can be your saving grace in attracting the type of employee you need to fill a role that will advance your business startup with customers that also demand more of these platforms.

Post enticing job posts

Nothing reads worse than a boring and arduous job post that lists endless job responsibilities. This can be an immediate turn off to job candidates that are looking for a business startup to work with that offers an exciting and new opportunity. Spice your job posts up and show your creativity to potential job seekers that are looking to find that dream job with an employer that offers more than just a position.

Follow up with candidates that interest you

When you find a job candidate that you want to make an offer to, you need to show them your interest in them becoming a part of your team. Follow up with a phone call or even meet for lunch. This can help solidify the relationship and make it harder for them to say no to your job offer. They have already invested a great deal in the role and meeting or speaking to you personally shows them what a valued member of the company they will be.

Make the interview process quick

When interviewing job candidates be sure to make the process as streamlined as possible. Job seekers can get frustrated easily with long delays and multiple rounds of interviews that they have to take part in. Have an effective plan in place for an interview that gets to know the potential new hire without wasting either of your time.

Present an offer quickly

In today’s job market you need to be swift in offering candidates job offers. Most candidates are courting multiple companies for an offer, looking to choose the best option for their employment. Waiting too long to offer a job candidate an offer allows them time to accept with a different company over yours as they may have forgotten why they wanted to work at your business during a long delay. Make your offer quickly to secure top talent and be sure to get a confirmation that they are accepting just as fast. This will ensure you lock in the best talent for your business startup without competing with another company.

Hiring top talent for your business startup can help your company benefit from advanced skills and experience. You need to be proactive in your approach to seeking out job candidates and promote your business to them, so they see why your company is a perfect fit for their employment.